What is the Big Deal About Marijuana?

One of our areas of focus is to prevent and reduce youth marijuana use.



Adolescent Brain Still Under Construction

The adolescent brain is still growing and developing until age 25! That makes young people particularly susceptible to long term impacts of early alcohol and other drug use. Teen marijuana users are at greater risk for addiction, depression, anxiety and psychosis.


Watch Dr. Ruth Potee discuss adolescent brain development and alcohol and other drug use.

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Marijuana use by teens and educational outcomes

Check out the infographic to the left to learn more about some of the educational and social impacts of teen marijuana use.

More info in this Stoughton Infographic

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Talk to your Teen

Now that marijuana is legal for adult use in Massachusetts it is even more important to talk to your teen about this drug. Today’s marijuana is significantly stronger than it was even 20 years ago and is the 2nd most commonly used drug among teens.

Most Stoughton High Students do not use marijuana, but it is still important to talk to them about this topic as many have misperceptions about their peer’s use.


What about CBD?

There is a lot of media about CBD and its potential health effects. But are these products safe for consumption? OASIS put together a quick fact sheets for parents on CBD. According to the Stoughton Board of Health, edible CBD products cannot be sold without the proper documentation from MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources (MDAR).