What is the Big Deal About Alcohol?

One of our areas of focus is to prevent and reduce youth alcohol use.

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Alcohol is the #1 Drug used by teens

Stoughton teens are similar to teens across the United States. Although most Stoughton High Students report that they have never used alcohol, among those that do use, alcohol is used the most frequently.


Misperception of Peer use is Risk factor

Stoughton High students, like their peers at High Schools across the County, grossly overestimate how many of their peer use alcohol (and also other drugs) and they overestimate how much they use. In an average month, only 19% of Stoughton High Students report drinking, but 88% of students think the average SHS student drank alcohol in that same time period. This false belief that most of their peers are drinking increases the likelihood that they will drink.


Adolescent Brain Still Under Construction

The adolescent brain is still growing and developing until age 25! That makes young people particularly susceptible to long term impacts of early alcohol and other drug use. Youth who begin drinking prior to the age of 15 are 4x more likely to develop dependance on alcohol than those who wait until after they are 21.

Watch Dr. Ruth Potee discuss adolescent brain development and alcohol and other drug use.

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