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The OASIS Coalition works from a Positive Community Norms framework in everything that we do. This means that we seek to identify the many positive norms that already exist in Stoughton and work together to grow those things.  Examples may include: most Stoughton youth do not drink alcohol, or most Stoughtonians care about our community.
This does not mean that walk around with rosy colored glasses. This is an approach that is about telling the truth and balancing areas of hope in the community with concern for the challenges that we are facing. For example, we are hopeful that most of our youth do not drink alcohol, but we are concerned that too many youth drink and drink ways that are extremely risky.


Learn more about the Positive Community Norms Framework from Jeff Pickette (SMAC) and Karen MacDonald (Youth Commission).

U-Knighted for A Healthy Stoughton Videos:







To learn more about Positive Community Norms (PCN) visit the website of our colleague and founder of the PCN theory, Dr. Jeffery Linkenbach at the Montana Institute.

Here is a video that Dr. Linkenbach created FOR STOUGHTON in honor of the OASIS 10 Year Anniversary Celebration.  This is a great explanation of Positive Community Norms and how it works in Stoughton.

Stoughton V1 – Positive Community Norms from Jeff Linkenbach on Vimeo.