Mission Statement
Our mission is to work collaboratively with residents and community organizations to reduce youth substance abuse by:
(1) reinforcing healthy norms;
(2) decreasing youth access to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs;
(3) creating and enforcing sustainable policy changes that will support healthy youth choices.

At this time the Coalition is primarily focused on reducing youth alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug abuse.  This is based on local data.

Alcohol Prevention Strategies
Some of our local strategies include:
-Social norms media campaign to correct misperceptions about underage drinking
-Updating and enforcing local alcohol by-laws to keep alcohol out of the hands of youth
-Safe Prom Event to educate students and parents about the consequences of underage drinking and social host liability laws
-Shoulder Tap Surveys to prevent youth from purchasing alcohol from adults
-and more……
Marijuana Prevention Strategies
-Social norms campaign to correct misperceptions about youth use of marijuana
-Community education on risks associated with youth marijuana use
-Strengthening local by-laws related to preventing the use of marijuana in public (Public Consumption)
-Developing zoning by-laws related to possible “medical” marijuana dispensaries
-And more…….
Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Strategies
-Bi-annual drug take back events
-Prescription drug drop box at Stoughton Police Department
-Media campaign about harms of prescription drug misuse
-Annual Mobile Drug take back for individuals with limited mobility
-Community education through pharmacies
-And more…..