Marijuana Facts

In Massachusetts marijuana is now legal for adults to use “recreationally”. Marijuana continues to be illegal for young people (under 21).

Legal does not mean the same thing as safe.  OASIS is committed to sharing factual information about marijuana use and its impacts on young people.


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In this episode of U-Knighted for a Healthy Stoughton, OASIS Coordinator Stephanie Patton sits down with Stoughton Interim Police Chief McNamara and Walpole Police Chief Carmichael to hear from them about why marijuana is a big deal for local communities.

Does the proposed marijuana law really regulate marijuana like alcohol?  You be the judge with this handy side by side comparison: Marijuana vs. Alcohol

Looking for some quick local facts about marijuana?  Here is the OASIS fact sheet: Local Quick Facts About Marijuana

Learn more about the science of how marijuana impacts the brain, as well as related mental health and policy issues through the viewing of this great video: Marijuana: Addiction, Mental Health and Policy.  This video was filmed by SMAC in front of a full house at the JFK Library in Boston.  Speakers include: Kevin Sabet, PhD, (SAM – Smart Approaches to Marijuana); Nora Volkow, MD, (National Institute of Drug Abuse); Stuart Gitlow, MD, and Patrick Kennedy, former US Representative of Rhode Island.

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana
Learn about SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana). A new national movement about a “health first” approach to marijuana policy.