Parent Resources

Info on Synthetic Drugs (Spice, Bath Salts, Etc.)

Looking for info for parents on Synthetic Drugs (i.e. “Bath Salts, Spice”)?  Here is some info from the Partnership at

Video Resource: Teen Drinking What Parents Need to Know

Teen Drinking: What Parents Need to Know A video for parents produced by the Norfolk DA’s Office

Video Resource for Parents on the Challenges of Parenting Today

Making Choices: New Challenges Parents Face A short video for parents produced by the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office.

Safe Prom Resources

Safe Prom Resources   Prom is an exciting time and one of the many celebrations as your child transitions out of high school. It can also be a risky time for alcohol and other drug use.  It is important to talk to your teen and be clear about your rules and expectations.   OASIS is…

Talking to Your Child About Alcohol and Other Drugs

Talking to Your Child about Alcohol and Other Drugs – VIDEOS It is tough to a be parent, especially when you have to have difficult conversations with your teen. Here is a short, fun video produced by OASIS modeling common mistakes when having “the talk”.  Hopefully this video will help you to avoid some common…

How to Talk to Your Teen

How to Talk to Your Teen

How to Talk to Your Teen Parents – You have more influence over your child than the internet, TV and their friends. The research shows that when parents talk to their teens about the risks of drugs and alcohol, those teens are up to 50% less likely to use substances ( Good News!  In a…