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Conversations with Your Middle School-Aged Children

Conversations with Your Middle School-Aged Children Published December 9, 2011, Stoughton Patch Conversations are one of the most powerful tools parents can use to connect with — and protect — their kids. But, when tackling some of life’s tougher topics, especially those about drugs and alcohol, just figuring out what to say can be a challenge….

Is Marijuana Dangerous?

Is Marijuana Dangerous? Debunking some common pro-marijuana myths.  Published February 27, 2012 (Stoughton Patch) Marijuana Series Part 1 – Is Marijuana Dangerous? Marijuana is the most commonly-used illegal drug in the US, used by over 25 million Americans in the past year according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. While most teenagers do not smoke,…

Managing Medical Marijuana in Stoughton

The latest news on how Stoughton is managing medical marijuana. December 6, 2012 – Stoughton Selectmen Ask Legislators for Delay in Implementing Medical Marijuana February 11, 2013 – Stoughton Moves to Restrict Medical Marijuana  through Zoning (Brockton Enterprise)  

Be the Best Parent You Can Be

Parent Expert Comes to Stoughton – 2/28/13 Stoughton Public Schools and Stoughton OASIS present Parenting Expert Joani Geltman – February 28, 2013, 7pm, O’Donnell Middle School What Can I expect at this workshop?  “Remember sitting in front of your new computer with all its new bells and whistles. You are excited about the potential of…

New Marijuana Study Demonstrates Lifelong Neurological Impact of Use

New Marijuana Study Demonstrates Lifelong Neurological Impact of Use Published October 2012 The Author: Dan Tarlin is a clinical social worker and Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor at Westwood Lodge Hospital, where he directs the Partial Hospital Programs for children, adolescents, and adults.  He has been working in the field for over twenty years and…

Great American Smokeout

Great American Smokeout Published November 2012 CELEBRATE THE 37TH ANNUAL GREAT AMERICAN SMOKEOUT  BY PLANNING OR ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO QUIT  This Thursday, November 16, marks the American Cancer Society’s 37th Great American Smokeout. The annual event raises awareness around the harms of tobacco use and encourages users to quit, for at least one day, with…

Medical Marijuana in MA

Medical Marijuana in MA Published November 2012 So, Medical Marijuana is coming to Massachusetts.  OASIS (Organizing Against Substances in Stoughton) wants you to know that this does not change any of the following facts: Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in Massachusetts and the nation. Youth in states that have “medical” marijuana programs,…

Infographic on drugs and the body

Drug Abuse and Your Body: Exposed – Infographic   Drugs impact every organ in the body. In this easy to read graphic, we demonstrate the impact of the most commonly abused drugs on the body’s organs and its systems. Many people who use drugs, even if they are prescribed, are unaware of how a drug impacts the…

National Insitute on Drug Abuse

    National Insitute on Drug Abuse www.TEENS.DRUGABUSE.ORG Offers science-based information about how drugs can affect adolescent’s brain and body. The interactive website includes a blog, brain games, and more!

Above the Influence  Offers information and advice for young adults on hwo to avoid the pressurces in using drugs/alcohol, while providing various resources for substance abuse